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ERINN SAVAGE – Performance
Tomorrow 15:00 GMT

Featurette, 2020

My latest work, Featurette, was made specifically for the degree show simulator. The work is a fictional featurette made by using found internet footage and the hiring of an actor to play The Director.

Three Works, 2020

Three artists discuss projects they are undergoing.

Pollok House Install, 2020

This video was made to be part of a group exhibition at Pollok House, Glasgow. The video pans around each room whilst a narrator explains the process of installing all the paintings in the National Trust Property. For this video the paintings were each digitally edited out to make it appear as though I had shot this video prior to install; this, along with the narration was aimed at creating the illusion that whoever made the video had actually installed all the paintings themselves. The video was displayed on a monitor that was mounted on a pre-existing TV stand in the foyer.

An Exhibition You Just Missed, 2020

Official Trailer, 2019

A sound work created from an unachievable exhibition concept. The concept is read by a film trailer voice actor which is then played in the space where the exhibition would have taken place.

Replacement of an Original, Portrait of a Little Girl by Johan Cornelisz van Loenen, 2020

As part of the Pollok house exhibition, along side the video work ‘Pollok House Install’, I replaced a painting that had recently been removed from the house with a digitally printed version of the original.