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House of Gentlemen

Tasked with melding the legacy of an author of highbrow status with a regular street shop, the House of Gentlemen sees renowned Scottish novelist, Sir Walter Scott’s legacy reintepreted in a socially conscious nail bar for men. A sartorial take on traditional and contemporary standards of chivalry (an occurring theme in many of Scott’s works), House of Gentlemen lets men get their nails primed to help the ladies with the door whilst contributing to society.


Take a logical no-nonsense subject and give it some mind-boggling, non- linear thought. Nawwwledge does so by relating intelligent yet often dull topics to situations and deliberations of millennial life. For this issue, the rules of cricket is used as a metaphor for life experienced by millennials. It is a sublimely educational and highly relatable read.

Your fate in my hands

Motivated by my long-standing struggle with procrastination, I went on a quest to uncover the source of this conundrum and the cure to end it all. This poem book is the result of an introspective research process, expressing what goes on through the mind of a procrastinator and how I cope with it. It is meant to evoke a sense of familiarity and solidarity in its readers and to show them that they aren’t alone in this fight.

Your fate in my hands

The poem book can be read as a two-page spread and/or unfurled into an accordion piece.