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Oslo Trienale Live Build - Degrowth

The Plant Power! project looks at applications for nature based solutions to generating heat within an urban setting. As part of the Oslo Triennale. Being Tectonic with Public Works hosted a School for Civic Action masterclass to build a compost heater. This will act as a test bed to generate knowlegde which will then be implemented within the projects of the partners involved. The compostor will be in the garden of the museum creating a heated public space for visitors to embrace plant power! as a natural alternative to fossil based space heating.

Plant Power - A Compost Bioreactor

Our team designed a cylinder shaped container to maximise the efficiency of the compost process. The concept was to encourage engagement with members of the public and tease out curiosity with steps leading you ontop of the compost pile to a public space and viewing platform. The design was adjusted during construction, this was a team decision influenced by time, resources and skillsets.

An Enduring Architecture