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Labour and Domestic

In this co-housing, people can become each other’s traditional meaning family in an unconventional way and decrease spend. They can work at the co-working area or elsewhere by leaving their children at the nursery with qualified older people.Older people can spend the day with their own age or have fun with children. Labour and family are in their own self, but not isolated anymore.

Domestic in Labour

From ground floor to second floor, these areas work as transition area.It brings labour to the domestic and domestic to labour.

Section AA'(1:200)

Combining the three different unit types together, it can helps to create many sharing/private social areas in between in order to work as social condensers.

Seventh Floor Plan(1:100)

Three unit types have been developed. Unit A is th unit type that designed for single parent with children only. Unit B is the type for elderly people only. Unit C is the only mix living unit type in this building.

Tectonic(Young and Elderly center)

1:50 cross section for Young and elderly center with a classical theatre