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100 Days

The first 100 days were full of workshops that dragged me through a lot, and taught me to expand my imagination, in a different way than I was previously used to. They challenged us to use our ‘mistakes’ and turn them into art.

Using pareidolia to form alphabets, and a form of typography from one of the previous assignments.


Exploring ordinary daily cleaning products that we all use in our life; objects that we would discard without much thought. Inspired by Tanaka Tatsuya’s miniature innovations, it freed up the childlike side of my mind. Playing with the eye of a camera lens creates a whole new perspective. The lighting enhances the environment, the ‘negative space’ of the image. Overall, it expands the visual language by telling a story of how the mundane could possibly become extraordinary.

Water Slide

Presenting in a flip-up form is the most natural and pleasant way of exploring the content. Giving a sense of curosity which invites them to see what’s underneath, focusing on the content instead of figuring out how the controls work.


XEN presents itself as an interesting gift for your friends and associates, who are pottymouths. A manifesto that is often understood as a prescription, we wanted to create a snack that subtly reminds the special one that he/she is ‘foulmouthed’ yet in an unoffending manner. The premium handcrafted medication kit we designed contains edible mouth-watering finger soaps, encased in a pretty crude ‘X'. Enjoy!

XEN Infographic

Exratis is a virus that diagnoses individuals with symptoms of speaking excessive pexpletives, to the point of needing someone to point that out. Another obvious way to spot someone with Exratis is Sweacne; the more cussin’, more break outs. We all know that we want to have a great impressions, and XEN is here to help you out.

Battle of the giants

An independent research that focuses on mobile phone consumerism. Having a fresh approach towards uncovering how our phone reflects one’s personality. The goal is to find a new perspective.

The Fruit

Utilising clean aesthetics and simple illustration, this section focuses on the tech giant, Apple. Through monotonal in mood, the brand identity need not be explicitly mentioned and merely implied. It uses subtle details that Apple users might not immediately notice, but yet it is apparent to others that it reflects on who they are as a person.

The Green Monster

With a more vibrant mood, this chapter talks about how Android focuses on innovation, as well as their shortcomings. Having an experimental approach, this section uncovers how different features on different phones reflect each individuals’ personality and habits.