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ERINN SAVAGE – Performance
Tomorrow 15:00 GMT

Peace and Quiet

An aural journey from the artists' own living space into the city of Glasgow. This is a stereo soundscape that recounts the futile search for quiet solitude, leaving behind the noisy confines of a one bedroom flat and venturing out into the busy anthrophony of city life. This piece documents the colourful sounds of Glasgow, mixed and interwoven into a medley of musique concrete. This piece also highlights the constant audible presence of humans in our need to coexist and our impact on the natural soundscape.

The Piper O Pendrich

A dramatised fairytale with music and sound design. The recital of a Stirlingshire folk tale by poet and storyteller Paraig MacNeil. Stereo mixed version of the original telling that includes diegetic sounds and added music. This piece demonstrates the capabilities of sound design within audio storytelling, building narrative and immersing the listener using sound.

Space Aliens

An ambient soundscape of a spaceship interior. Originally intended as spatial audio mix, this is a stereo rendering of a synthetic sonic environment. This piece uses modular synths and recordings of everyday objects to create a completely imagined physical space. Drawing on audience familiarity of the sci-fi horror genre, this piece demonstrates the capabilities of sound design in immersing the listener into a perceivable sonic space that doesn't exist. This mix is intended for ambient listening.

You're An Artist, Aye?

A song reflecting the artist's reflections on being an artist. Given the task of creating a piece using words whilst questioning one’s place in the field of art, the response was a song that contemplates the self definition of an artist and the enduring introspection of oneself through Sarte’s ‘Being and Nothingness’. This song is a rudimentary stereo recording, but marks a pivotal moment in the artists creative process.

Dada Is Everywhere

A short documentary about the Dada art movement. This film recounts the beginnings and later influences of the early 20th century European art movement. The film contains interviews, sound design and original music that pays homage to the movement itself.


A short film that demonstrates the visual effects of sound frequencies on matter. The film features a series of materials that react physically to the phenomenon of Cymatic frequencies. Cymatics is a branch of acoustics that observes the effect of standing waves created by low vibrations through natural materials. Certain frequencies create unique patterns only found in nature. The visuals in this film are accompanied by original music.