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Future Aberdreams Documentary Trailer

Aberdeen is changing. This project questions not just how this will impact people and how people will adapt, but what peoples’ dreams and aspirations are for their future of working in the Aberdeen region. The project aim is to co-create positive future visions of work in the Aberdeen region to focus and inform future investment and innovation. The documentary trailer features the voices of Lord Provost Barney Crockett and Maggie McGinlay, Deputy Chief Executive of Opportunity North East.

Mapping Aberdeen

Renowned for the entrepreneurial mindset and international outlook of the local people, the Aberdeen region is rich in both human and natural resources, that are supported by investment in infrastructural resources for the region in sectors such as education, transport, tourism and culture.

Expert Stakeholder Engagement

Engaging with expert stakeholders is a key part of the project’s design research methodology. Pictured is the Lord Provost of Aberdeen, Barney Crockett whose cultural insights have informed the project.

Future Aberdreams Landscape

Co-creation workshops were designed alongside a set of physical and experiential tools to make the emergent phenomena and future work landscape of Aberdeen tangible. The workshops aim to engage citizens and stakeholders in the question of future economic opportunities in Aberdeen and allow citizens to explore their future career ambitions within the region’s future landscape of work. Using these tools, and workshop insights, we can facilitate debate between decision-makers and citizens and begin to discuss our preferred future scenarios for the region, and ultimately roadmap how we might get there.

My Future CV, 2030

The Future CV artefact is a designed tool to allow workshop participants to begin to consider their future careers in a changing Aberdeen, and what kind of skills they may need to develop.

Co-Creating Futures

The value of co-creating futures is that diverse viewpoints, opinions and dreams can be shared between citizens and stakeholders and we can begin to see a picture of what we’d like our collective future to be like.