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Exhibited at dialogue of failed languages, March 2020, Salt Space, Glasgow. A metal hoop that was found in a skip rotates slowly. As it rotates it catches onto a metal rod, creating a light, almost inaudible sound. Inside the plinth is an amplifier playing a pre-recorded audio track of the hoop being struck in a controlled environment. This sound is amplified, creating a much more resonant sound, akin to the Buddhist singing bowel. This creates the illusion that the light touch of the rod on the hoop is creating the deep resonant sound coming from the amplifier.

Hoop piece

Exhibited at the Old Hairdresser's

Screenshot (1242)

Installation shot of the simulated degree show that was created by a group of students. (dsSimulator2020). This show was organised by Ben Hall and I helped with modelling other people's artworks and I composed the the music for the starting menu.




Footage of the installation being used (participant is behind the camera)


Exhibited at the Glue Factory, 2019. Painted animation rendered into a virtual reality environment. The participant's can navigate around the scene using a motion controller hidden inside a painted egg.

Piece being used


two channel, computer generated animation and digital video.

Uncomfortable flesh

Computer-generated animation.