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Story of the Antwerp's Ark and Apocalypse.

Flood, North Sea, the city and the envisioned apocalypse

The Ark: Conceptual Mapping and the Realization

Antwerp's Artefacts

The Archival Relationship: City, Block, Scale & The Ark and its relevance

Deconstructing the Ark

Constituting components of the Ark

Ark Capsule

The Ark Capsule is a self sustaining piece of capsule, capable to withstand various environmental condition.

The Construction Process & Timeline of the Ark

A timeline of construction on the River Scheldt, across a timeline span of centuries. As a narrated, timeline, necessity based line of construction, according to the needs of time being.

The Ark Anthropology

An in-depth understanding on the societal, progressive & cultural norms of the Ark.

The Blueprint

Ground level: Archive Chamber First Level: Upper Archive Chamber Second Level: The Grand Walkway Third Level: Vault of the Artefacts Fourth Level: Garden of Eden & Vault of Paintings Fifth Level: The Vault of Archives (in the Ark of Capsule)

Future of Ark Capsule ; End of the Ark