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FATHER is a book containing works by photographer Harley Weir exploring the complexities and beauty of masculinity. The cover uses bespoke lettering I created for the project highlighted in a pale pink foil, I chose to explore this kind of lettering to evoke the feelings of childishness that resonates with the title along with the rich, sumptuous forms within the content. May 2019


Polluted is a photo-series that attempts to portray water pollution through the use of chemicals from around the home on film negatives to represent possible contaminants our waterways are exposed to. April 2019.


The charitable organisation Girls Against held a competition to design the cover art of their first fundraiser compilation vinyl. I designed the winning entry that consisted of a lino cut design depicting a powerful woman surrounded by grabbing hands. I felt this design was appropriate as the organisation aims to raise awareness and fight against sexual harassment and assault at gigs. August 2018.


Lost was the penultimate project from my foundation year at Arts University Bournemouth. It focuses on my Granddad’s time in Vietnam and attempts to embody how his alzheimers may have effected the memories of his time there. I chose this particular time period after discovering a scrap book he had made that ducumented his time away with the Army supplying a rich variety of source material pertaining to one particular period in his life. The book utilises blank space along with damaged pages to enhance the curated and edited images to try and immerse the viewer in the disintegrating memories of a person with dementia. May 2016.



Persephone was a self directed print making project that resulted in the creation and sale of t-shirts on Everpress. This lino cut attempts to portray the Greek myth of Persephone’s descent into the underworld and her transformation into a queen. August 2019


Garden of Chaos is a new magazine that aims to showcase Middle-Eastern countries, fashion, art, history and culture to a worldwide audience. This project is still in its infancy with final outcomes still in the process of being refined and developed. The desired logo is intended to be a modern play on Hieronymus Bosch style illustration and medieval Arabic manuscripts creating an intricate sigil for the reader to decipher. Ongoing


This project portrays the human mind as a delicate fabric prone to fraying creating a metaphor for cognitive disorders such as Alzheimers and dementia. I created a series of woven images from family photos of loved ones with dementia that aim to give the viewer an insight into the issues that come with loss of memory and the subsequent loss of self. September 2019


DAD is a font that has been taken directly out of the notebook my father keeps to aid his memory and transferred onto the digital plain. It was born out of the observed deterioration of his handwriting as his condition progressed, creating a visual embodiment of the often unnoticed early stages of Benson’s syndrome. March 2020