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The Locust

It is stuck in the fibres of a green cashmere sweater on a forgotten hot summers day.

Things I've Seen

Tall Stories

Animation, 50 seconds long Two separate stories, developed from my memories, playing simultaneously. Both stories are difficult to believe, exaggerated. The young girl climbing the tree is me and my experience when I was a child, and the man climbing the tower is a glass player I briefly saw in the streets of Venice. Each thing that plays a role in these stories are taken from different fragments of my memories, for example, the tower; I saw it whilst walking home one day, and was intrigued to what it was used for. I knew it was some kind of observation tower for someone to climb up, however I could not see anything surrounding it that needed to be watched over, nothing urgent like sinking ships or flood warnings. There was a gap to fill; what happens when the person reaches the top of this tower, what is the purpose of them being there? This is when my brain started imagining lots of different possible scenarios, many of the peculiar.

Stuck in our nests, 2020

Pencil drawing, Square A1

Singing Glasses

Some experiences that we witness in day to to day life don’t stop once we have walked past them; they have an after-life. Our brains instinctively replay and ponder them. I walked past the glass player haunted with disbelief, I couldn’t believe that the man rubbing his fingers around rims of glasses filled with water could create a song so angelic that it lit up his presence. I was wracking my brain re imagining the scene searching for a hidden speaker or alternative source of sound. Maybe this is due to me never being successful at making a sound round the rim of a glass. As a kid I told myself it was a well known magic trick I’ve just not been let in on, like whistling with a split blade of grass. 1 min long

Catching Drips

He saw moonlight on the surface of the water. Projection into buckets, catching drips of water.

Water Pipes that Sound like Thunder

Stills from animation, see my website for full film

Ant Raft

Pencil drawing, square A1

Price: ££60

This item is for sale, please contact for more information.

Ant Raft

Projection into bin filled with water

Pause or Pay!

I, as a graduating student at the Glasgow School of Art, would like to state my support for the Pause or Pay Campaign. Please read the full manifesto here

Kids with Sticks

A series of three short films, full duration 3 min. The power of imagination especially as a child can transform a stick into anything. The film 'Cornstacks' was based on the recollections of my 80 year old Granddad, he tells how as a child he used to be paid by the workers who farmed corn to kill the rats that lived under the corn stacks with sticks. The film 'Poo Sticks' also includes a fond memory of a game I used to play when I was younger, and 'Sword Fight' is an animation of a stick being carved into a sword. These are family memories that are shared over time; they are remembered because they mean something. They are allegories and cautionary tales; we don’t know what they mean and that is how we make them. The work was exhibited at Pig Rock Bothy, on the grounds of the Scottish National Gallery (modern one) in Edinburgh. To see more about this follow the link below.