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Diaspora is a display font exploring Italian immigration to Scotland between 1880 and 1920. A diaspora emerged to such an extent that the Scot-Italian became recognisable as a fully fledged persona encompassing characteristics of both cultures. Diaspora expresses these hybrid identities of Italians who immigrated to Scotland. This is translated by the addition of seven alternates for the letters A, E, M, N, T, U, V and W. To underline the concept of immigration by the means of type-design, the traditional and iconic aspects of lettering from both countries are emphasised. While having their own characteristics, Diaspora’s letters are designed on a single basis structure, helping to create a harmonious set. Each user can develop their own identity of the font using alternates. Diaspora is available on request through the GOODEGGS Type Foundry website: [](; or you can drop us an email to


Poster and catalogue produced for the final showcase of The Glasgow School of Art’s MDes Fashion + Textiles course. Produced in collaboration with Orlando Lloyd, the design seeks to focus on the exhibition but communicate additional elements including the process behind garments and designers that are closely connected to the course.


Publication project using written works from German visual artist David Roeder. The brief required the design of an affordable publication that could accompany the artist’s exhibitions. Employing extreme care of the books typography, the rhythm of reading and above all the use of different layouts, the project is a sober but captivating publication outcome.


GOODEGGS GROTESK is the house font of the homonymous type foundry. Designed with Apolline de Luca the type is once again the result of a long research project between the two designers. Inspired by the type Venus, released by Bauer 1907-1914, the font follows the characteristics of a grotesk whilst adding the foundry’s personality and principles: serious with a touch of friendliness.


A trashy take on the designers classic alphabet book investigating the theme of pornography and perversion. While being ironic and playful, the book investigates hidden anthropological elements. Each letter of the alphabet represents one of the most extravagant categories of online pornographic videos. The letters are designed to have a connection with the category or images to which they refer and all the images are strictly derived from screenshots of existing videos. All elements and materials used are designed to highlight aspects of the concept and are the result of a process of playful and intuitive experimentation. Browsing the book, the reader could be intrigued by the categories they discover and in finding the connection between the design of the letter and the image and/or category. Get your copy at [GOODPRESS (UK)]( by-alessandro-prepi-sot)


Designed with course mate Alessandro Prepi, the specimen is printed on newspaper paper on a tabloid format creating a direct connection with their research. Indeed, the two designers researched extensively through library archives, and newspapers were a focal point. The specimen presents the whole project, from the story it tells, to the technical parts of the font right through to examples of the font in use.