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ERINN SAVAGE – Performance
Tomorrow 15:00 GMT

The sea is here, still (printed on pearl white paper, a diagonal line drawn with pencil). This is one of the examples of how the piece has evolved. Plans for displaying this would be to frame the piece and have it displayed with another piece of the sea with black shore, in which another line is drawn through.

Untitled, Installation with a fold upon paper on the wall, variation of The sea is here, still. This is the fold of a thing against a surface.

Image: detail screenshot from Untitled Installation on GSA Graduate Showcase. This is a found piece, in the absence of showing work in the physical space, I noticed a metaphor within the virtual space. The arch of leaves and their placement over the ‘sea is here, still’ is an enfolding, referencing the form of the sea wave.

Folding Skies

This piece has developed through layers of meanings.