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Open Day

Introducing Interior Design

Join Pam Flanagan from GSA’s Interior Design department for an introduction to interior design.

Interior Design at The Glasgow School of Art is a vibrant Studio Community. A place where creative imaginations promote a deeper understanding of the potential and actual value of the spaces we inhabit.

It makes use of its location – a specialist Studio within a specialist Art School – to focus on how the nature, quality and potential of the interior can be developed. The Studio is central to such considerations. It is a place where we discuss, develop and define that which surrounds us. It is a place where we talk, make, draw and show. It is a place where we reveal how the world we hope to inhabit might appear, how it might feel and how it might be.

IDGSA’s focus is upon building an environment where the many ways of creating and defining interiors are explored; a creative, imaginative and critical space for students and staff to focus on and navigate through the subject, and develop a deep understanding of the crafting of interiors and the craft of learning.